42 CFR § 1005.15 - The hearing and burden of proof.

§ 1005.15 The hearing and burden of proof.

(a) The ALJ will conduct a hearing on the record in order to determine whether the petitioner or respondent should be found liable under this part.

(b) With regard to the burden of proof in civil money penalty cases under part 1003, in Quality Improvement Organization exclusion cases under part 1004, and in exclusion cases under §§ 1001.701, 1001.901 and 1001.951 of this chapter -

(1) The respondent or petitioner, as applicable, bears the burden of going forward and the burden of persuasion with respect to affirmative defenses and any mitigating circumstances; and

(2) The IG bears the burden of going forward and the burden of persuasion with respect to all other issues.

(c) Burden of proof in all other exclusion cases. In all exclusion cases except those governed by paragraph (b) of this section, the ALJ will allocate the burden of proof as the ALJ deems appropriate.

(d) The burden of persuasion will be judged by a preponderance of the evidence.

(e) The hearing will be open to the public unless otherwise ordered by the ALJ for good cause shown.


(1) A hearing under this part is not limited to specific items and information set forth in the notice letter to the petitioner or respondent. Subject to the 15-day requirement under § 1005.8, additional items and information, including aggravating or mitigating circumstances that arose or became known subsequent to the issuance of the notice letter, may be introduced by either party during its case-in-chief unless such information or items are -

(i) Privileged;

(ii) Disqualified from consideration due to untimeliness in accordance with § 1004.130(a)(2)(ii); or

(iii) Deemed otherwise inadmissible under § 1005.17.

(2) After both parties have presented their cases, evidence may be admitted on rebuttal even if not previously exchanged in accordance with § 1005.8.

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