42 CFR § 110.83 - Payment of all benefits.

§ 110.83 Payment of all benefits.

(a) The Secretary determines the mechanism of payment of Program benefits. She may choose to pay any benefits under this Program through lump-sum payments. If the Secretary determines that there is a reasonable likelihood that the payments of medical benefits, benefits for lost employment income, or death benefits paid under the alternative calculation (described in § 110.82(c)) will be required for a period in excess of one year from the date the Secretary determines the requester is eligible for such benefits, payments may be made through a lump-sum payment, the purchase of an annuity or medical insurance policy, establishment of a trust (including a U.S. grantor reversionary trust) or execution of an appropriate structured settlement agreement, at the Secretary's discretion. Payments, annuities, policies, or agreements must be actuarially determined to have a value equal to the present value of the projected total amount of benefits that the requester is eligible to receive under §§ 110.80, 110.81, and 110.82. Lump sum payments will be made through an electronic funds transfer to an account of the requester.

(b) If the requester is a minor, the payment will be made on the minor's behalf to the account of the legal guardian of the estate or property of the minor. In accepting such payments, the legal guardian of a minor requester is obligated to use the funds for the benefit of the minor and to take any actions necessary to comply with State law requirements pertaining to such payments. If the requester is an adult who lacks the legal capacity to receive payment(s), the legal guardian must establish a guardianship or conservatorship of the estate account with court oversight, in accordance with State law, and payment will be made to that account. Documentation of guardianship (or conservatorship) is required for requesters who are minors or adults who lack legal capacity unless the Secretary waives this requirement for good cause.

(c) The Secretary has the discretion to make interim payments of benefits under this Program, even before a final determination as to the type(s) and total amount of benefits that will be paid. Interim payments will be made only in exceptional cases. The Secretary may, for example, make an interim payment of medical benefits that have been calculated before a final determination on benefits for lost employment income is completed, or of past medical benefits that have been calculated before a final calculation of future medical benefits is completed. The Secretary may make an interim payment even before a final eligibility or benefits determination is made (e.g., if a piece of documentation has not been obtained because a person with a severe countermeasure-related injury is hospitalized, but all other documentation is consistent with the requester meeting the eligibility requirements). If such a requester's documentation is incomplete, the requester must submit the required documentation within the time-frame determined by the Secretary. The requester must agree that he or she will be obligated to repay the Secretary such benefits in the event that a Program payment is later determined to be incorrect. Any payments made on an interim basis will not entitle a requester to seek reconsideration of the Secretary's decision on these benefits until the Secretary makes a final benefits determination.