42 CFR § 403.1110 - Evaluation of models.

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§ 403.1110 Evaluation of models.

(a) Evaluation. The Secretary conducts an evaluation of each model tested under section 1115A of the Act. Such evaluation must include an analysis of the following:

(1) The quality of care furnished under the model, including the measurement of patient-level outcomes and patient-centeredness criteria determined appropriate by the Secretary.

(2) The changes in spending under the applicable titles by reason of the model.

(b) Information. Any State or other entity participating in the testing of a model under section 1115A of the Act must collect and report such information, including “protected health information” as that term is defined at 45 CFR 160.103, as the Secretary determines is necessary to monitor and evaluate such model. Such data must be produced to the Secretary at the time and in the form and manner specified by the Secretary.

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