42 CFR § 405.2402 - Rural health clinic basic requirements.

§ 405.2402 Rural health clinic basic requirements.

(a) Certification by the State survey agency. The rural health clinic must be certified in accordance with part 491 of this chapter.

(b) Acceptance of the clinic as qualified to furnish RHC services. If the Secretary, after reviewing the survey agency or accrediting organization recommendation, as applicable, and other evidence relating to the qualifications of the clinic, determines that the clinic meets the requirements of this subpart and of part 491 of this chapter, the clinic is provided with—

(1) Written notice of the determination; and

(2) Two copies of the agreement to be filed as required by section 1861(aa)(1) of the Act.

(c) Filing of agreement by the clinic. If the clinic wishes to participate in the program, it must—

(1) Have both copies of the agreement signed by an authorized representative; and

(2) File them with the Secretary.

(d) Acceptance by the Secretary. If the Secretary accepts the agreement filed by the clinic, the Secretary returns to the clinic one copy of the agreement with a notice of acceptance specifying the effective date.

(e) Appeal rights. If CMS declines to enter into an agreement or if CMS terminates an agreement, the clinic is entitled to a hearing in accordance with § 498.3(b)(5) and (6) of this chapter.

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