42 CFR § 405.2404 - Termination of rural health clinic agreements.

§ 405.2404 Termination of rural health clinic agreements.

(a) Termination by RHC—(1) Notice to Secretary. If the RHC wishes to terminate its agreement it shall file with the Secretary a written notice stating the intended effective date of termination.

(2) Action by the Secretary.

(i) The Secretary may approve the date proposed by the RHC, or set a different date no later than 6 months after the date of the RHC's notice.

(ii) The Secretary may approve a date which is less than 6 months after the date of notice if the Secretary determines that termination on that date would not:

(A) Unduly disrupt the furnishing of services to the community serviced by the RHC; or

(B) Otherwise interfere with the effective and efficient administration of the Medicare program.

(3) Cessation of business. If a RHC ceases to furnish services to the community, the Secretary deems it to be a voluntary termination of the agreement by the RHC, effective on the last day of business.

(b) Termination by the Secretary—(1) Cause for termination. The Secretary may terminate an agreement if he or she determines that the RHC:

(i) No longer meets the conditions for certification under part 491 of this chapter;

(ii) Is not in substantial compliance with the provisions of the agreement, the requirements of this subpart, any other applicable regulations of this part, or any applicable provisions of title XVIII of the Act; or

(iii) Has undergone a change of ownership.

(2) Notice of termination. The Secretary gives notice of termination to the RHC at least 15 days before the effective date stated in the notice.

(3) Appeal by the RHC. A RHC may appeal the termination of its agreement in accordance with the provisions set forth in part 498 of this chapter.

(c) Effect of termination. Payment will not be available for RHC services furnished on or after the effective date of termination.

(d) Notice to the public. Prompt notice of the date and effect of termination must be given to the public by either of the following:

(1) The RHC, after the Secretary has approved or set a termination date.

(2) The Secretary, when he or she has terminated the agreement.

(e) Conditions for reinstatement after termination of agreement by the Secretary. When an agreement with a RHC is terminated by the Secretary, the RHC may not file another agreement to participate in the Medicare program unless the Secretary:

(1) Finds that the reason for the termination of the prior agreement has been removed; and

(2) Is assured that the reason for the termination will not recur.

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