42 CFR § 405.952 - Withdrawal or dismissal of a request for a redetermination.

§ 405.952 Withdrawal or dismissal of a request for a redetermination.

(a) Withdrawing a request. A party that files a request for redetermination may withdraw its request by filing a written and signed request for withdrawal. The request for withdrawal must contain a clear statement that the appellant is withdrawing the request for a redetermination and does not intend to proceed further with the appeal. The request must be received in the contractor's mailroom before a redetermination is issued. The appeal will proceed with respect to any other parties that have filed a timely request for redetermination.

(b) Dismissing a request. A contractor dismisses a redetermination request, either entirely or as to any stated issue, under any of the following circumstances:

(1) When the person or entity requesting a redetermination is not a proper party under § 405.906(b) or does not otherwise have a right to a redetermination under section 1869(a) of the Act;

(2) When the contractor determines the party failed to make out a valid request for redetermination that substantially complies with § 405.944;

(3) When the party fails to file the redetermination request within the proper filing time frame in accordance with § 405.942;

(4) When a beneficiary or the beneficiary's representative files a request for redetermination, but the beneficiary dies while the request is pending, and all of the following criteria apply:

(i) The beneficiary's surviving spouse or estate has no remaining financial interest in the case. In deciding this issue, the contractor considers if the surviving spouse or estate remains liable for the services for which payment was denied or a Medicare contractor held the beneficiary liable for subsequent similar services under the limitation on liability provisions based on the denial of payment for services at issue;

(ii) No other individual or entity with a financial interest in the case wishes to pursue the appeal; and

(iii) No other party filed a valid and timely redetermination request under §§ 405.942 and 405.944;

(5) When a party filing the redetermination request submits a timely written request for withdrawal with the contractor; or

(6) When the contractor has not issued an initial determination on the claim or the matter for which a redetermination is sought.

(c) Notice of dismissal. A contractor mails or otherwise transmits a written notice of the dismissal of the redetermination request to the parties at their last known addresses. The notice states that there is a right to request that the contractor vacate the dismissal action.

(d) Vacating a dismissal. If good and sufficient cause is established, a contractor may vacate its dismissal of a request for redetermination within 180 calendar days from the date of the notice of dismissal.

(e) Effect of dismissal. The dismissal of a request for redetermination is binding unless it is modified or reversed by a QIC under § 405.974(b) or vacated under paragraph (d) of this section.

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