42 CFR § 405.976 - Notice of a reconsideration.

§ 405.976 Notice of a reconsideration.

(a) Notification to parties—(1) General rules.

(i) Written notice of the reconsideration must be mailed or otherwise transmitted to all parties at their last known addresses, in accordance with the timeframes established in § 405.970(a) or (b).

(ii) The notice must be written in a manner reasonably calculated to be understood by a beneficiary.

(iii) The QIC must promptly notify the entity responsible for payment of claims under Part A or Part B of its reconsideration. If the reconsideration results in issuance of supplemental payment to a provider or supplier, the Medicare contractor must also issue an electronic or paper RA notice to the provider or supplier.

(2) Overpayment cases involving multiple beneficiaries who have no liability. In an overpayment case involving multiple beneficiaries who have no liability, the QIC may issue a written notice only to the appellant.

(b) Content of the notice. The reconsideration must be in writing and contain—

(1) A clear statement indicating whether the reconsideration is favorable or unfavorable;

(2) A summary of the facts, including as appropriate, a summary of the clinical or scientific evidence used in making the reconsideration;

(3) An explanation of how pertinent laws, regulations, coverage rules, and CMS policies, apply to the facts of the case, including, where applicable, the rationale for declining to follow an LCD, LMRP, or CMS program guidance;

(4) In the case of a determination on whether an item or service is reasonable or necessary under section 1862(a)(1)(A) of the Act, an explanation of the medical and scientific rationale for the decision;

(5) A summary of the rationale for the reconsideration.

(i) If the notice of redetermination indicated that specific documentation should be submitted with the reconsideration request, and the documentation was not submitted with the request for reconsideration, the summary must indicate how the missing documentation affected the reconsideration; and

(ii) The summary must also specify that, consistent with §§ 405.956(b)(8) and 405.966(b), all evidence, including evidence requested in the notice of redetermination, that is not submitted prior to the issuance of the reconsideration will not be considered at the OMHA level, unless the appellant demonstrates good cause as to why the evidence was not provided prior to the issuance of the QIC's reconsideration. This requirement does not apply to beneficiaries, unless the beneficiary is represented by a provider or supplier or to State Medicaid Agencies;

(6) Information concerning to the parties' right to an ALJ hearing, including the applicable amount in controversy requirement and aggregation provisions;

(7) A statement of whether the amount in controversy is estimated to meet or not meet the amount required for an ALJ hearing, if—

(i) The request for reconsideration was filed by a beneficiary who is not represented by a provider, supplier, or Medicaid State agency; and

(ii) The reconsideration decision is partially or fully unfavorable.

(8) A description of the procedures that a party must follow in order to obtain an ALJ hearing of an expedited reconsideration, including the time frame under which a request for an ALJ hearing must be filed;

(9) If appropriate, advice as to the requirements for use of the expedited access to judicial review process set forth in § 405.990;

(10) The procedures for obtaining additional information concerning the reconsideration, such as specific provisions of the policy, manual, or regulation used in making the reconsideration; and

(11) Any other requirements specified by CMS.

[70 FR 11472, Mar. 8, 2005, as amended at 82 FR 5108, Jan. 17, 2017]