42 CFR § 406.32 - Monthly premiums.

§ 406.32 Monthly premiums.

(a) Promulgation and effective date. Beginning with 1984, premiums are promulgated each September, effective for the succeeding calendar year.

(b) Monthly premiums: Determination of dollar amount.

(1) Effective for calendar years beginning January 1989, the dollar amount is determined based on an estimate of one-twelfth of the average per capita costs for benefits and administrative costs that will be payable with respect to individuals age 65 or over from the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund during the succeeding calendar year.

(2) Before 1989, the dollar amount was determined by multiplying $33 by the ratio of the next year's inpatient deductible to $76, which was the inpatient deductible determined for 1973. (Because of cost controls, the deductible actually charged for that year was $72.)

(3) Effective for months beginning January 1994, if an individual meets the requirements in paragraph (c) of this section, the monthly premium determined under paragraph (b)(1) of this section is reduced in each month in which the individual meets the requirements by 25 percent in 1994, 30 percent in 1995, 35 percent in 1996, 40 percent in 1997 and 45 percent in 1998 and thereafter.

(4) The amount determined under paragraphs (b) (1), (2), or (3) of this section is rounded to the next nearest multiple of $1. (Fifty cents is rounded to the next higher dollar.)

(c) Qualifying for a reduction in monthly premium. An individual who qualifies for the reduction described in paragraph (b)(3) of this section must be an individual who—

(1) Has 30 or more quarters of coverage (QCs) as defined in 20 CFR 404.140 through 404.146;

(2) Has been married for at least the previous one year period to a worker who has 30 or more QCs;

(3) Had been married to a worker who had 30 or more QCs for a period of at least one year before the death of the worker;

(4) Is divorced from, after at least 10 years of marriage to, a worker who had 30 or more QCs at the time the divorce became final; or

(5) Is divorced from, after at least 10 years of marriage to, a worker who subsequently died and who had 30 or more QCs at the time the divorce became final.

(d) Monthly premiums: Increase for late enrollment and for reenrollment. For an individual who enrolls after the close of the initial enrollment period or reenrolls, the amount of the monthly premium, as determined under paragraph (b) of this section, is increased by 10 percent for each full 12 months in the periods described in §§ 406.33 and 406.34. Effective beginning with premiums due for July 1986, the premium increase is limited to 10 percent and is payable for twice the number of full 12-month periods determined under those sections.

(e) Collection of monthly premiums.

(1) CMS will bill the enrollee on a monthly basis and include an addressed return envelope with the bill.

(2) The enrollee must pay by check or money order that is payable to “CMS Medicare Insurance,” and shows his or her name and the claim number that appears on his or her Medicare card. He or she must return the bill with the check or money order.

(f) Months for which payment is due.

(1) A premium payment is due for each month beginning with the first month of coverage and continuing through the month of death or if earlier, the month in which coverage ends.

(2) A premium is due for the month of death if coverage is still in effect, even if the individual dies on the first day of the month.

(g) Option for group payments. A public or private organization may pay the premiums on behalf of one or more enrollees under a contract or other arrangement with CMS if CMS determines that this method of payment is administratively feasible. (The rules set forth in subpart E of part 408 of this chapter, for SMI premiums, also apply to group payment of Part A premiums.)

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