42 CFR § 409.41 - Requirement for payment.

§ 409.41 Requirement for payment.

In order for home health services to qualify for payment under the Medicare program the following requirements must be met:

(a) The services must be furnished to an eligible beneficiary by, or under arrangements with, an HHA that—

(1) Meets the conditions of participation for HHAs at part 484 of this chapter; and

(2) Has in effect a Medicare provider agreement as described in part 489, subparts A, B, C, D, and E of this chapter.

(b) The certification and recertification requirements for home health services described in § 424.22.

(c) All requirements contained in §§ 409.42 through 409.47.

[59 FR 65494, Dec. 20, 1994, as amended at 85 FR 27619, May 8, 2020]