42 CFR § 409.47 - Place of service requirements.

§ 409.47 Place of service requirements.

To be covered, home health services must be furnished in either the beneficiary's home or an outpatient setting as defined in this section.

(a) Beneficiary's home. A beneficiary's home is any place in which a beneficiary resides that is not a hospital, SNF, or nursing facility as defined in sections 1861(e)(1), 1819(a)(1), of 1919(a)(1) of the Act, respectively.

(b) Outpatient setting. For purposes of coverage of home health services, an outpatient setting may include a hospital, SNF or a rehabilitation center with which the HHA has an arrangement in accordance with the requirements of § 484.105(e) of this chapter and that is used by the HHA to provide services that either—

(1) Require equipment that cannot be made available at the beneficiary's home; or

(2) Are furnished while the beneficiary is at the facility to receive services requiring equipment described in paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

[59 FR 65496, Dec. 20, 1994, as amended at 82 FR 4578, Jan. 13, 2017]