42 CFR § 410.36 - Medical supplies, appliances, and devices: Scope.

§ 410.36 Medical supplies, appliances, and devices: Scope.

(a) Medicare Part B pays for the following medical supplies, appliances and devices:

(1) Surgical dressings, and splints, casts, and other devices used for reduction of fractures and dislocations.

(2) Prosthetic devices, other than dental, that replace all or part of an internal body organ, including colostomy bags and supplies directly related to colostomy care, including -

(i) Replacement of prosthetic devices; and

(ii) One pair of conventional eyeglasses or conventional contact lenses furnished after each cataract surgery during which an intraocular lens is inserted.

(3) Leg, arm, back, and neck braces and artificial legs, arms, and eyes, including replacements if required because of a change in the individual's physical condition.

(b) The conditions of payment described in § 410.38(d) also apply to medical supplies, appliances, and devices.

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