42 CFR § 412.300 - Scope of subpart and definition.

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§ 412.300 Scope of subpart and definition.

(a) Purpose. This subpart implements section 1886(g)(1)(A) of the Act by establishing a prospective payment system for inpatient hospital capital-related costs. Under this system, payment is made on the basis described in § 412.304 through § 412.374 for inpatient hospital capital-related costs furnished by hospitals subject to the prospective payment system under subpart B of this part.

(b) Definition. For purposes of this subpart, a new hospital means a hospital that has operated (under previous or present ownership) for less than 2 years. The following hospitals are not new hospitals:

(1) A hospital that builds new or replacement facilities at the same or another location even if coincidental with a change of ownership, a change in management, or a lease arrangement.

(2) A hospital that closes and subsequently reopens.

(3) A hospital that has been in operation for more than 2 years but has participated in the Medicare program for less than 2 years.

(4) A hospital that changes its status from a hospital that is excluded from the prospective payment systems to a hospital that is subject to the capital prospective payment systems.

[56 FR 43449, Aug. 30, 1991, as amended at 57 FR 39827, Sept. 1, 1992]