42 CFR § 412.422 - Basis of payment.

§ 412.422 Basis of payment.

(a) Method of Payment.

(1) Under the inpatient psychiatric facility prospective payment system, inpatient psychiatric facilities receive a predetermined Federal per diem base rate for inpatient hospital services furnished to Medicare Part A fee-for-service beneficiaries.

(2) The Federal per diem payment amount is based on the Federal per diem base rate plus applicable adjustments as specified in § 412.424.

(3) During the transition period, payment is based on a blend of the Federal per diem payment amount as specified in § 412.424, and the facility-specific payment rate as specified in § 412.426.

(b) Payment in full.

(1) The payment made under this subpart represents payment in full (subject to applicable deductibles and coinsurance as specified in subpart G of part 409 of this chapter) for inpatient operating and capital-related costs associated with furnishing Medicare covered services in an inpatient psychiatric facility, but not the cost of an approved medical education program as specified in § 413.75 through § 413.85 of this chapter.

(2) In addition to the Federal per diem payment amounts, inpatient psychiatric facilities receive payment for bad debts of Medicare beneficiaries, as specified in § 413.89 of this chapter.

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