42 CFR § 412.48 - Denial of payment as a result of admissions and quality review.

§ 412.48 Denial of payment as a result of admissions and quality review.

(a) If CMS determines, on the basis of information supplied by a QIO that a hospital has misrepresented admissions, discharges, or billing information, or has taken an action that results in the unnecessary admission of an individual entitled to benefits under Part A, unnecessary multiple admissions of an individual, or other inappropriate medical or other practices with respect to beneficiaries or billing for services furnished to beneficiaries, CMS may as appropriate -

(1) Deny payment (in whole or in part) under Part A with respect to inpatient hospital services provided with respect to such an unnecessary admission or subsequent readmission of an individual; or

(2) Require the hospital to take other corrective action necessary to prevent or correct the inappropriate practice.

(b) When payment with respect to admission of an individual patient is denied by a QIO under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, and liability is not waived in accordance with §§ 411.400 through 411.402 of this chapter, notice and appeals are provided under procedures established by CMS to implement the provisions of section 1155 of the Act, Right to Hearing and Judicial Review.

(c) A determination under paragraph (a) of this section, if it is related to a pattern of inappropriate admissions and billing practices that has the effect of circumventing the prospective payment systems, is referred to the Department's Office of Inspector General, for handling in accordance with § 1001.301 of this title.

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