42 CFR 413.195 - Limitation on Review.

§ 413.195 Limitation on Review.

Administrative or judicial review under section 1869 of the Act, section 1878 of the Act, or otherwise of the following is prohibited: The determination of payment amounts under section 1881(b)(14)(A) of the Act, the establishment of an appropriate unit of payment under section 1881(b)(14)(C) of the Act, the identification of renal dialysis services included in the bundled payment, the adjustments under section 1881(b)(14)(D) of the Act, the application of the phase-in under section 1881(b)(14)(E) of the Act, and the establishment of the market basket percentage increase factors under section 1881(b)(14)(F) of the Act.

[ 75 FR 49199, Aug. 12, 2010]