42 CFR § 413.314 - Determining payment amounts: Routine per diem rate.

§ 413.314 Determining payment amounts: Routine per diem rate.

(a) General rule. An SNF that elects to be paid under the prospectively determined payment rate system, and qualifies for such payment, is paid a per diem rate for inpatient routine services. This rate is adjusted to reflect area wage differences and the cost reporting period beginning date (if necessary) and is subject to the limitation specified in paragraph (d) of this section.

(b) Per diem rate. The prospectively determined payment rate for each urban and rural area in each census region is comprised of the following:

(1) A routine operating component, which is divided into:

(i) A labor-related portion adjusted by the appropriate wage index; and

(ii) A nonlabor-related portion.

(2) A routine capital-related cost portion.

(3) For proprietary SNFs only, a portion that is based on the return on owner's equity related to routine cost, applicable only for services furnished before October 1, 1993.

(c) Adjustment for cost reporting period.

(1) If a facility has a cost reporting period beginning after the beginning of the Federal fiscal year, the contractor increases the labor-related and nonlabor-related portions of the prospective payment rate that would otherwise apply to the SNF by an adjustment factor. Each factor represents the projected increase in the market basket index for a specific 12-month period. The factors are used to account for inflation in costs for cost reporting periods beginning after October 1. Adjustment factors are published in the annual notice of prospectively determined payment rates described in § 413.320.

(2) If a facility uses a cost reporting period that is not 12 months in duration, the contractor must obtain a special adjustment factor from CMS for the specific period.

(d) Limitation of prospectively determined payment rate. The per diem prospectively determined payment rate for an SNF, excluding capital-related costs and excluding return on equity for services furnished prior to October 1, 1993, may not exceed the individual SNF's routine service cost limit. Under § 413.30, the routine service cost limit is the limit determined without regard to exemptions, exceptions, or retroactive adjustments, and is the actual limit in effect when the provider elects to be paid a prospectively determined payment rate.

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