42 CFR § 414.1395 - Public reporting.

§ 414.1395 Public reporting.

(a) General.

(1) CMS posts on Physician Compare, in an easily understandable format, the following:

(i) Information regarding the performance of MIPS eligible clinicians, including, but not limited to, final scores and performance category scores for each MIPS eligible clinician; and

(ii) The names of eligible clinicians in Advanced APMs and, to the extent feasible, the names and performance of such Advanced APMs.

(2) CMS periodically posts on Physician Compare aggregate information on the MIPS, including the range of final scores for all MIPS eligible clinicians and the range of the performance of all MIPS eligible clinicians with respect to each performance category.

(3) The information made available under this section will indicate, where appropriate, that publicized information may not be representative of an eligible clinician's entire patient population, the variety of services furnished by the eligible clinician, or the health conditions of individuals treated.

(b) Maintain existing public reporting standards. With the exception of data that must be mandatorily reported on Physician Compare, for each program year, CMS relies on established public reporting standards to guide the information available for inclusion on Physician Compare. The public reporting standards require data included on Physician Compare to be statistically valid, reliable, and accurate; comparable across collection types; and meet the reliability threshold. And, to be included on the public facing profile pages, the data must also resonate with website users, as determined by CMS.

(c) New measures and activities.

(1) CMS does not publicly report any data on new quality or cost measure for the first 2 years in which it is in the program, after which CMS evaluates the measure to determine whether it is suitable for public reporting under paragraph (b) of this section.

(2) CMS does not publicly report any MVP data on new improvement activity or Promoting Interoperability measure, objective, or activity included in an MVP for the first year in which it is included in the MVP.

(d) 30-day preview period. For each program year, CMS provides a 30-day preview period for any clinician or group with Quality Payment Program data before the data are publicly reported on Physician Compare.

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