42 CFR § 414.28 - Conversion factors.

§ 414.28 Conversion factors.

CMS establishes CFs in accordance with section 1848(d) of the Act.

(a) Base-year CFs. CMS established the CF for 1992 so that had section 1848 of the Act applied during 1991, it would have resulted in the same aggregate amount of payments for physician services as the estimated aggregate amount of these payments in 1991, adjusted by the update for 1992 computed as specified in § 414.30.

(b) Subsequent CFs. For calendar years 1993 through 1995, the CF for each year is equal to the CF for the previous year, adjusted in accordance with § 414.30. Beginning January 1, 1996, the CF for each calendar year may be further adjusted so that adjustments to the fee schedule in accordance with section 1848(c)(2)(B)(ii) of the Act do not cause total expenditures under the fee schedule to differ by more than $20 million from the amount that would have been spent if these adjustments had not been made.

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