42 CFR § 414.313 - Initial method of payment.

§ 414.313 Initial method of payment.

(a) Basic rule. Under this method, the intermediary pays the facility for routine professional services furnished by physicians. Payment is in the form of an add-on to the facility's composite rate payment, which is described in part 413, subpart H of this subchapter.

(b) Services for which payment is not included in the add-on payment.

(1) Physician administrative services are considered to be facility services and are paid for as part of the facility's composite rate.

(2) The carrier pays the physician or the beneficiary (as appropriate) under the reasonable charge criteria set forth in subpart E of part 405 of this chapter for the following services:

(i) Physician services that must be furnished at a time other than during the dialysis session (excluding pre-dialysis and post-dialysis examinations and examinations that could have been furnished on a pre-dialysis or post-dialysis basis), such as monthly and semi-annual examinations to review health status and treatment.

(ii) Physician surgical services other than insertion of catheters for patients who are on peritoneal dialysis and do not have indwelling catheters.

(iii) Physician services furnished to hospital inpatients who were not admitted solely to receive maintenance dialysis.

(iv) Administration of hepatitis B vaccine.

(c) Physician election of the initial method.

(1) Each physician in a facility must submit to the appropriate carrier and intermediary that serve the facility a statement of election of the initial method of payment for all the ESRD facility patients that he or she attends.

(2) The initial method of payment applies to dialysis services furnished beginning with the second calendar month after the month in which all physicians in the facility elect the initial method and continues until the effective date of a termination of the election described in paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) Termination of the initial method.

(1) Physicians may terminate the initial method of payment by written notice to the carrier(s) that serves each physician and to the intermediary that serves the facility.

(2) If the notice terminating the initial method is received by the carrier(s) and intermediary—

(i) On or before November 1, the effective date of the termination is January 1 of the year following the calendar year in which the termination notice is received by the carrier(s) and intermediary; or

(ii) After November 1, the effective date of the termination is January 1 of the second year after the calendar year in which the notice is received by the carrier(s) and intermediary.

(e) Determination of payment amount. The factors used in determining the add-on amount are related to program experience. They are re-evaluated periodically and may be adjusted, as determined necessary by CMS, to maintain the payment at a level commensurate with the prevailing charges of other physicians for comparable services.

(f) Publication of payment amount. Revisions to the add-on amounts are published in the Federal Register in accordance with the Department's established rulemaking procedures.

[55 FR 23441, June 8, 1990, as amended at 62 FR 43674, Aug. 15, 1997]