42 CFR § 414.64 - Payment for medical nutrition therapy.

§ 414.64 Payment for medical nutrition therapy.

(a) Payment under the physician fee schedule. Medicare payment for medical nutrition therapy is made under the physician fee schedule in accordance with subpart B of this part. Payment to non-physician professionals, as specified in paragraph (b) of this section, is the lesser of the actual charges or 80 percent of 85 percent of the physician fee schedule amount.

(b) To whom payment may be made. Payment may be made to a registered dietician or nutrition professional qualified to furnish medical nutrition therapy in accordance with part 410, subpart G of this chapter.

(c) Effective date of payment. Medicare pays suppliers of medical nutrition therapy on or after the effective date of enrollment of the supplier at the carrier.

(d) Limitation on payment. Payment is made only for documented nutritional therapy sessions actually attended by the beneficiary.

(e) Other conditions for fee-for-service payment. Payment is made only if the beneficiary:

(1) Is not an inpatient of a hospital, SNF, nursing home, or hospice.

(2) Is not receiving services in an RHC, FQHC or ESRD dialysis facility.

[66 FR 55332, Nov. 1, 2001]