42 CFR § 415.120 - Conditions for payment: Radiology services.

§ 415.120 Conditions for payment: Radiology services.

(a) Services to beneficiaries. The carrier pays for radiology services furnished by a physician to a beneficiary on a fee schedule basis only if the services meet the conditions for fee schedule payment in § 415.102(a) and are identifiable, direct, and discrete diagnostic or therapeutic services furnished to an individual beneficiary, such as interpretation of x-ray plates, angiograms, myelograms, pyelograms, or ultrasound procedures. The carrier pays for interpretations only if there is a written report prepared for inclusion in the patient's medical record maintained by the hospital.

(b) Services to providers. The carrier does not pay on a fee schedule basis for physician services to the provider (for example, administrative or supervisory services) or for provider services needed to produce the x-ray films or other items that are interpreted by the radiologist. However, the intermediary pays the provider for these services in accordance with § 415.55 for provider costs; § 415.102(d)(2) for costs incurred by a physician, such as under a lease or concession agreement; or part 412 of this chapter for payment under PPS.