42 CFR § 417.426 - Open enrollment requirements.

§ 417.426 Open enrollment requirements.

(a) Basic requirements.

(1) HMOs or CMPs must provide open enrollment for Medicare beneficiaries for at least 30 consecutive days during each contract year.

(2) During open enrollment, the HMO or CMP must enroll eligible Medicare beneficiaries in the order in which their applications are received and until its enrollment capacity is reached.

(3) The HMO or CMP may accept applications from Medicare beneficiaries after it has reached capacity if it places those individuals on a waiting list and enrolls them in chronological order as vacancies occur.

(4) An HMO or CMP with a risk contract must accept applications from eligible Medicare beneficiaries during the month of November 1998.

(b) Capacity to accept new enrollees.

(1) If an HMO or CMP chooses to limit enrollments because of its capacity, it must notify CMS at least 90 days before the beginning of its open enrollment period and, at that time, provide CMS with its reasons for limiting enrollment.

(2) CMS evaluates the HMO's or CMP's submittal under paragraph (b)(1) of this section.

(3) The HMO or CMP must promptly notify CMS if there is any change in its enrollment capacity.

(c) Reserved vacancies.

(1) Subject to CMS's approval, an HMO or CMP may set aside a reasonable number of vacancies for an anticipated new group contract or for anticipated new enrollees under an existing group contract that will have its enrollment period after the Medicare open enrollment period during the contract year.

(2) Any set aside vacancies that are not filled within a reasonable time after the beginning of the group contract enrollment period must be made available to Medicare beneficiaries and other nongroup applicants under the requirements of this subpart.

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