42 CFR § 417.430 - Application procedures.

§ 417.430 Application procedures.

(a) Application forms and other enrollment mechanisms.

(1) The application form must comply with CMS instructions regarding content and format and be approved by CMS as described in § 422.2262 of this chapter. The application must be completed by an HMO or CMP eligible (or soon to become eligible) individual and include authorization for disclosure between HHS and its designees and the HMO or CMP.

(2) The HMO or CMP must file and retain application forms for the period specified in CMS instructions.

(b) Handling of applications. An HMO or CMP must have an effective system for receiving, controlling, and processing applications from Medicare beneficiaries. The system must meet the following conditions and requirements:

(1) Each application is dated as of the day it is received.

(2) Applications are processed in chronological order by date of receipt.

(3) The HMO or CMP gives the beneficiary prompt notice of acceptance or denial in a format specified by CMS.

(4) The notice of acceptance. If the HMO or CMP is currently enrolled to capacity, explains the procedures that will be followed when vacancies occur.

(5) The notice of denial explains the reason for denial.

(6) The HMO or CMP transmits the information necessary for CMS to add the beneficiary to its records of the HMO's or CMP's Medicare enrollees -

(i) Within 30 days from the date of application or from the date a vacancy occurs for an applicant who was accepted (for future enrollment) while there were no vacancies; or

(ii) Within an additional period of time approved by CMS on a showing by the HMO or CMP that it needs more time.

(7) The HMO or CMP promptly notifies the beneficiary of the effective month of his or her enrollment as a Medicare enrollee, when it receives that information from CMS.

(8) If the HMO or CMP accepts applications while it is enrolled to capacity, its procedures ensure that vacancies are filled in chronological order by date of application of beneficiaries who are still eligible to enroll, unless that would result in failure to comply with any of the qualifying conditions set forth in § 417.413.

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