42 CFR § 417.432 - Conversion of enrollment.

§ 417.432 Conversion of enrollment.

(a) Basic rule. An HMO or CMP must accept as a Medicare enrollee any individual who is enrolled in the HMO or CMP for the month immediately before the month in which he or she is entitled to both Medicare Parts A and B or Part B only.

(b) Effective date of conversion. Unless the individual chooses to disenroll from the HMO or CMP the individual's conversion to a Medicare enrollee is effective the month in which he or she is entitled to both Medicare Parts A and B or Part B only.

(c) Prohibition against disenrollment. An HMO or CMP may not disenroll an individual who is converting under the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section unless one of the conditions specified in § 417.460 is met.

(d) Application form. The individual who is converting must complete an application form or another CMS-approved election mechanism as described in § 417.430(a).

(e) Expedited submittal of information to CMS. The HMO or CMP must notify CMS, within the following time frames, of the enrollee's authorization for disclosure and exchange of information and the information necessary for CMS to include the enrollee in its records as a Medicare enrollee of the HMO or CMP:

(1) At least 30, but no earlier than 90, days before the enrollee -

(i) Attains age 65; or

(ii) Reaches his or her 25th month of entitlement to social security disability benefits under title II of the Act or railroad retirement disability benefits under section 7(d) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974.

(2) Within 30 days after the enrollee initiates a course of renal dialysis, or on or before the day he or she enters a hospital in anticipation of a kidney transplant.

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