42 CFR § 417.600 - Basis and scope.

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§ 417.600 Basis and scope.

(a) Statutory basis.

(1) Section 1869 of the Act provides the right to a redetermination, reconsideration, hearing, and judicial review for individuals dissatisfied with a determination regarding their Medicare benefits.

(2) Section 1876 of the Act provides for Medicare payments to HMOs and CMPs that contract with CMS to enroll Medicare beneficiaries and furnish Medicare-covered health care services to them.

(3) Section 234 of the MMA requires section 1876 contractors to operate under the same provisions as MA plans where two plans of the same type enter the cost plan contract's service area.

(b) Applicability.

(1) The rights, procedures, and requirements relating to beneficiary appeals and grievances set forth in subpart M of part 422 of this chapter also apply to Medicare contracts with HMOs and CMPs under section 1876 of the Act.

(2) In applying those provisions, references to section 1852 of the Act must be read as references to section 1876 of the Act, and references to MA organizations as references to HMOs and CMPs.

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