42 CFR § 422.107 - Special needs plans and dual eligibles: Contract with State Medicaid Agency.

§ 422.107 Special needs plans and dual eligibles: Contract with State Medicaid Agency.

(a) Definition. For the purpose of this section, a contract with a State Medicaid agency means a formal written agreement between an MA organization and the State Medicaid agency documenting each entity's roles and responsibilities with regard to dual eligible individuals.

(b) General rule. MA organizations seeking to offer a dual eligible special needs plan must have a contract consistent with this section with the State Medicaid agency.

(c) Minimum contract requirements. At a minimum, the contract must document -

(1) The MA organization's responsibility to -

(i) Coordinate the delivery of Medicaid benefits for individuals who are eligible for such services; and

(ii) If applicable, provide coverage of Medicaid services, including long-term services and supports and behavioral health services, for individuals eligible for such services.

(2) The category(ies) and criteria for eligibility for dual eligible individuals to be enrolled under the SNP, including as described in sections 1902(a), 1902(f), 1902(p), and 1905 of the Act.

(3) The Medicaid benefits covered under a capitated contract between the State Medicaid agency and the MA organization offering the SNP, the SNP's parent organization, or another entity that is owned and controlled by the SNP's parent organization.

(4) The cost-sharing protections covered under the SNP.

(5) The identification and sharing of information on Medicaid provider participation.

(6) The verification of enrollee's eligibility for both Medicare and Medicaid.

(7) The service area covered by the SNP.

(8) The contract period for the SNP.

(9) For each dual eligible special needs plan that is an applicable integrated plan as defined in § 422.561, a requirement for the use of the unified appeals and grievance procedures under §§ 422.629 through 422.634, 438.210, 438.400, and 438.402.

(d) Additional minimum contract requirement. For any dual eligible special needs plan that is not a fully integrated or highly integrated dual eligible special needs plan, the contract must also stipulate that, for the purpose of coordinating Medicare and Medicaid-covered services between settings of care, the SNP notifies, or arranges for another entity or entities to notify, the State Medicaid agency, individuals or entities designated by the State Medicaid agency, or both, of hospital and skilled nursing facility admissions for at least one group of high-risk full-benefit dual eligible individuals, identified by the State Medicaid agency. The State Medicaid agency must establish the timeframe(s) and method(s) by which notice is provided. In the event that a SNP authorizes another entity or entities to perform this notification, the SNP must retain responsibility for complying with this requirement.

(e) Date of Compliance.

(1) Effective January 1, 2010 -

(i) MA organizations offering a new dual-eligible SNP must have a State Medicaid agency contract.

(ii) Existing dual-eligible SNPs that do not have a State Medicaid agency contract -

(A) May continue to operate through the 2012 contract year provided they meet all other statutory and regulatory requirements.

(B) May not expand their service areas during contract years 2010 through 2012.

(2) MA organizations offering a dual eligible SNP must comply with paragraphs (c)(9) and (d) of this section beginning January 1, 2021.

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