42 CFR § 422.2490 - Release of Part C MLR data.

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§ 422.2490 Release of Part C MLR data.

(a) Terminology. Subject to the exclusions in paragraph (b) of this section, Part C MLR data consists of the information submitted under § 422.2460.

(b) Exclusions from Part C MLR data. For the purpose of this section, the following items are excluded from Part C MLR data:

(1) Narrative descriptions that MA organizations submit to support the information reported to CMS pursuant to the reporting requirements at § 422.2460, such as descriptions of expense allocation methods.

(2) Information that is reported at the plan level, such as the number of member months associated with each plan under a contract, including information submitted for a contract consisting of only one plan.

(3) Any information that could be used to identify Medicare beneficiaries or other individuals.

(4) MLR review correspondence.

(5) Any information for a contract for those contract years for which the contract is determined to be non-credible, as defined in accordance with § 422.2440(d).

(c) Data release. CMS releases to the public Part C MLR data, for each contract for each contract year, no earlier than 18 months after the end of the applicable contract year.

[81 FR 80557, Nov. 15, 2016, as amended at 83 FR 16736, Apr. 16, 2018]