42 CFR § 422.562 - General provisions.

§ 422.562 General provisions.

(a)Responsibilities of the MA organization.

(1) An MA organization, with respect to each MA plan that it offers, must establish and maintain -

(i) A grievance procedure as described in § 422.564 for addressing issues that do not involve organization determinations;

(ii) A procedure for making timely organization determinations;

(iii)Appeal procedures that meet the requirements of this subpart for issues that involve organization determinations; and

(2) An MA organization must ensure that all enrollees receive written information about the -

(i)Grievance and appeal procedures that are available to them through the MA organization; and

(ii) Complaint process available to the enrollee under the QIO process as set forth under section 1154(a)(14) of the Act.

(3) In accordance with subpart K of this part, if the MA organization delegates any of its responsibilities under this subpart to another entity or individual through which the organization provides health care services, the MA organization is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the entity or individual satisfies the relevant requirements of this subpart.

(4) An MA organization must employ a medical director who is responsible for ensuring the clinical accuracy of all organization determinations and reconsiderations involving medical necessity. The medical director must be a physician with a current and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a State, Territory, Commonwealth of the United States (that is, Puerto Rico), or the District of Columbia.

(b)Rights of MA enrollees. In accordance with the provisions of this subpart, enrollees have the following rights:

(1) The right to have grievances between the enrollee and the MA organization heard and resolved, as described in § 422.564.

(2) The right to a timely organization determination, as provided under § 422.566.

(3) The right to request an expedited organization determination, as provided under § 422.570.

(4) If dissatisfied with any part of an organization determination, the following appeal rights:

(i) The right to a reconsideration of the adverse organization determination by the MA organization, as provided under § 422.578.

(ii) The right to request an expedited reconsideration, as provided under § 422.584.

(iii) If, as a result of a reconsideration, an MA organization affirms, in whole or in part, its adverse organization determination, the right to an automatic reconsidered determination made by an independent, outside entity contracted by CMS, as provided in § 422.592.

(iv) The right to an ALJ hearing if the amount in controversy is met, as provided in § 422.600.

(v) The right to request Council review of the ALJ hearing decision, as provided in § 422.608.

(vi) The right to judicial review of the hearing decision if the amount in controversy is met, as provided in § 422.612.

(c)Limits on when this subpart applies.

(1) If an enrollee receives immediate QIO review (as provided in § 422.622) of a determination of noncoverage of inpatient hospital care the enrollee is not entitled to review of that issue by the MA organization.

(2) If an enrollee has no further liability to pay for services that were furnished by an MA organization, a determination regarding these services is not subject to appeal.

(d)When other regulations apply.

(1) Unless this subpart provides otherwise and subject to paragraph (d)(2) of this section, the regulations in part 405 of this chapter (concerning the administrative review and hearing processes and representation of parties under titles II and XVIII of the Act) apply under this subpart to the extent they are appropriate.

(2) The following regulations in part 405 of this chapter, and any references thereto, specifically do not apply under this subpart:

(i)Section 405.950 (time frames for making a redetermination).

(ii)Section 405.970 (time frames for making a reconsideration following a contractor redetermination, including the option to escalate an appeal to the OMHA level).

(iii)Section 405.1016 (time frames for deciding an appeal of a QIC reconsideration, or escalated request for a QIC reconsideration, including the option to escalate an appeal to the Council).

(iv) The option to request that an appeal be escalated from the OMHA level to the Council as provided in § 405.1100(b), and time frames for the Council to decide an appeal of an ALJ's or attorney adjudicator's decision or an appeal that is escalated from the OMHA level to the Council as provided in § 405.1100(c) and (d).

(v)Section 405.1132 (request for escalation to Federal court).

(vi)Sections 405.956(b)(8), 405.966(a)(2), 405.976(b)(5)(ii), 405.1018(c), 405.1028(a), and 405.1122(c), and any other reference to requiring a determination of good cause for the introduction of new evidence by a provider, supplier, or a beneficiary represented by a provider or supplier.

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