42 CFR § 422.566 - Organization determinations.

§ 422.566 Organization determinations.

(a) Responsibilities of the MA organization. Each MA organization must have a procedure for making timely organization determinations (in accordance with the requirements of this subpart) regarding the benefits an enrollee is entitled to receive under an MA plan, including basic benefits as described under § 422.100(c)(1) and mandatory and optional supplemental benefits as described under § 422.102, and the amount, if any, that the enrollee is required to pay for a health service. The MA organization must have a standard procedure for making determinations, in accordance with § 422.568, and an expedited procedure for situations in which applying the standard procedure could seriously jeopardize the enrollee's life, health, or ability to regain maximum function, in accordance with §§ 422.570 and 422.572. For an applicable integrated plan, beginning January 1, 2021, the MA organization must comply with §§ 422.629 through 422.634 in lieu of §§ 422.566(c) and (d), 422.568, 422.570 and 422.572 with regard to the procedures for making determinations, including integrated organization determinations and integrated reconsiderations, on a standard and expedited basis.

(b) Actions that are organization determinations. An organization determination is any determination made by an MA organization with respect to any of the following:

(1) Payment for temporarily out of the area renal dialysis services, emergency services, post-stabilization care, or urgently needed services.

(2) Payment for any other health services furnished by a provider other than the MA organization that the enrollee believes—

(i) Are covered under Medicare; or

(ii) If not covered under Medicare, should have been furnished, arranged for, or reimbursed by the MA organization.

(3) The MA organization's refusal to provide or pay for services, in whole or in part, including the type or level of services, that the enrollee believes should be furnished or arranged for by the MA organization.

(4) Reduction, or premature discontinuation, of a previously authorized ongoing course of treatment.

(5) Failure of the MA organization to approve, furnish, arrange for, or provide payment for health care services in a timely manner, or to provide the enrollee with timely notice of an adverse determination, such that a delay would adversely affect the health of the enrollee.

(c) Who can request an organization determination.

(1) Those individuals or entities who can request an organization determination are—

(i) The enrollee (including his or her representative);

(ii) Any provider that furnishes, or intends to furnish, services to the enrollee; or

(iii) The legal representative of a deceased enrollee's estate.

(2) Those who can request an expedited determination are—

(i) The enrollee (including his or her representative); or

(ii) A physician (regardless of whether the physician is affiliated with the MA organization).

(d) Who must review organization determinations. If the MA organization expects to issue a partially or fully adverse medical necessity (or any substantively equivalent term used to describe the concept of medical necessity) decision based on the initial review of the request, the organization determination must be reviewed by a physician or other appropriate health care professional with expertise in the field of medicine or health care that is appropriate for the services at issue, including knowledge of Medicare coverage criteria, before the MA organization issues the organization determination decision. The physician or health care professional reviewing the request need not, in all cases, be of the same specialty or subspecialty as the treating physician or other health care provider. The physician or other health care professional must have a current and unrestricted license to practice within the scope of his or her profession in a State, Territory, Commonwealth of the United States (that is, Puerto Rico), or the District of Columbia.

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