42 CFR § 422.592 - Reconsideration by an independent entity.

§ 422.592 Reconsideration by an independent entity.

(a) When the MA organization affirms, in whole or in part, its adverse organization determination, the issues that remain in dispute must be reviewed and resolved by an independent, outside entity that contracts with CMS. In accordance with § 422.590(i), the independent entity is responsible for reviewing MA organization dismissals of reconsideration requests.

(b) The independent outside entity must conduct the review as expeditiously as the enrollee's health condition requires but must not exceed the deadlines specified in the contract.

(c) When the independent entity conducts a reconsideration, the parties to the reconsideration are the same parties listed in § 422.582(d) who qualified during the MA organization's reconsideration, with the addition of the MA organization.

(d) The independent entity dismisses a reconsideration request, either entirely or as to any stated issue, under any of the following circumstances:

(1) The person or entity requesting a reconsideration is not a proper party under § 422.578.

(2) The independent entity determines the party failed to make out a valid request for a reconsideration that substantially complies with § 422.582(a) or (b).

(3) The enrollee or the enrollee's representative files a request for a reconsideration, but the enrollee dies while the request is pending, and both of the following criteria apply:

(i) The enrollee's surviving spouse or estate has no remaining financial interest in the case.

(ii) No other individual or entity with a financial interest in the case wishes to pursue the reconsideration.

(4) The party filing the reconsideration request submits with the independent review entity a timely request for withdrawal of the request for reconsideration.

(e) The independent entity mails or otherwise transmits a written notice of the dismissal of the reconsideration request to the parties. The notice must state the following:

(1) The reason for the dismissal.

(2) That there is a right to request that the independent entity vacate the dismissal action.

(3) The right to a review of the dismissal under §§ 422.600 and 422.602.

(f) If good cause is established, the independent entity may vacate its dismissal of a request for reconsideration within 6 months from the date of the notice of dismissal.

(g) The independent entity's dismissal is binding and not subject to further review unless a party meets the requirements in § 422.600 and files a proper and timely request under § 422.602 or the dismissal is vacated under paragraph (f) of this section.

(h) The party or physician acting on behalf of an enrollee who files a request for reconsideration may withdraw the request by filing a request for withdrawal with the independent entity.

(i) If the independent entity determines that the MA organization's dismissal was in error, the independent entity vacates the dismissal and remands the case to the plan for reconsideration consistent with § 422.590. The independent entity's decision regarding an MA organization's dismissal, including a decision to deny a request for review of a dismissal, is binding and not subject to further review.

[63 FR 35107, June 26, 1998, as amended at 86 FR 6102, Jan. 19, 2021]