42 CFR § 422.632 - Continuation of benefits while the applicable integrated plan reconsideration is pending.

§ 422.632 Continuation of benefits while the applicable integrated plan reconsideration is pending.

(a) Definition. As used in this section, timely files means files for continuation of benefits on or before the later of the following:

(1) Within 10 calendar days of the applicable integrated plan sending the notice of adverse integrated organization determination.

(2) The intended effective date of the applicable integrated plan's proposed adverse integrated organization determination.

(b) Continuation of benefits. The applicable integrated plan must continue the enrollee's benefits under Parts A and B of title XVIII and title XIX if all of the following occur:

(1) The enrollee files the request for an integrated appeal timely in accordance with § 422.633(d);

(2) The integrated appeal involves the termination, suspension, or reduction of previously authorized services;

(3) The services were ordered by an authorized provider;

(4) The period covered by the original authorization has not expired; and

(5) The enrollee timely files for continuation of benefits.

(c) Duration of continued or reinstated benefits. If, at the enrollee's request, the applicable integrated plan continues or reinstates the enrollee's benefits, as described in paragraph (b) of this section, while the integrated reconsideration is pending, the benefits must be continued until -

(1) The enrollee withdraws the request for an integrated reconsideration;

(2) The applicable integrated plan issues an integrated reconsideration that is unfavorable to the enrollee related to the benefit that has been continued;

(3) For an appeal involving Medicaid benefits -

(i) The enrollee fails to file a request for a State fair hearing and continuation of benefits, within 10 calendar days after the applicable integrated plan sends the notice of the integrated reconsideration;

(ii) The enrollee withdraws the appeal or request for a State fair hearing; or

(iii) A State fair hearing office issues a hearing decision adverse to the enrollee.

(d) Recovery of costs. In the event the appeal or State fair hearing is adverse to the enrollee -

(1) The applicable integrated plan or State agency may not pursue recovery for costs of services furnished by the applicable integrated plan pending the integrated reconsideration, to the extent that the services were furnished solely under of the requirements of this section.

(2) If, after the integrated reconsideration decision is final, an enrollee requests that Medicaid services continue through a State fair hearing, state rules on recovery of costs, in accordance with the requirements of § 438.420(d) of this chapter, apply for costs incurred for services furnished pending appeal subsequent to the date of the integrated reconsideration decision.

[84 FR 15835, Apr. 16, 2019, as amended at 86 FR 6103, Jan. 19, 2021]

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