42 CFR 423.2026 - Disqualification of the ALJ.

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§ 423.2026 Disqualification of the ALJ.

(a) An ALJ may not conduct a hearing if he or she is prejudiced or partial to the enrollee or has any interest in the matter pending for decision.

(b) If an enrollee objects to the ALJ who will conduct the hearing, the enrollee must notify the ALJ within 10 calendar days of the date of the notice of hearing, except for expedited hearings in which the enrollee must submit written or oral notice no later than 2 calendar days after the date of the notice of hearing. The ALJ must document all oral objections in writing and maintain the documentation in the case files. The ALJ considers the enrollee's objections and decides whether to proceed with the hearing or withdraw.

(c) If the ALJ withdraws, another ALJ will be appointed to conduct the hearing. If the ALJ does not withdraw, the enrollee may, after the ALJ has issued an action in the case, present his or her objections to the MAC in accordance with § 423.2100 through § 423.2130. The MAC would then consider whether the hearing decision should be revised or a new hearing held before another ALJ.