42 CFR 423.2042 - The administrative record.

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§ 423.2042 The administrative record.

(a) Creating the record.

(1) The ALJ makes a complete record of the evidence, including the hearing proceedings, if any.

(2) The record will include marked as exhibits, the documents used in making the decision under review, including, but not limited to, medical records, written statements, certificates, reports, affidavits, and any other evidence the ALJ admits.

(3) An enrollee may review the record at the hearing, or, if a hearing is not held, at any time before the ALJ's notice of decision is issued.

(4) If a request for review is filed, the complete record, including any recording of the hearing, is forwarded to the MAC.

(5) A typed transcription of the hearing is prepared if an enrollee seeks judicial review of the case in a Federal district court within the stated time period and all other jurisdictional criteria are met, unless, upon the Secretary's motion prior to the filing of an answer, the court remands the case.

(b) Requesting and receiving copies of the record.

(1) An enrollee may request and receive a copy of all or part of the record, including the exhibits list, documentary evidence, and a copy of the tape of the oral proceedings. The enrollee may be asked to pay the costs of providing these items.

(2) If an enrollee requests all or part of the record from the ALJ and an opportunity to comment on the record, the time beginning with the ALJ's receipt of the request through the expiration of the time granted for the enrollee's response does not count toward the adjudication deadline.