42 CFR 423.2052 - Dismissal of a request for a hearing before an ALJ.

§ 423.2052 Dismissal of a request for a hearing before an ALJ.
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Dismissal of a request for a hearing is in accordance with the following:

(a)Dismissal of a request for a hearing. An ALJ dismisses a request for a hearing under any of the following conditions:

(1) At any time before notice of the hearing decision is mailed, if the enrollee asks to withdraw the request. This request may be submitted in writing to the ALJ or be made orally at the hearing. The request for withdrawal must include a clear statement that the enrollee is withdrawing the request for hearing and does not intend to further proceed with the appeal. If an attorney or other legal professional on behalf of an enrollee files the request for withdrawal, the ALJ may presume that the representative has advised the enrollee of the consequences of the withdrawal and dismissal.

(2) Neither the enrollee that requested the hearing nor the enrollee's representative appears at the time and place set for the hearing, if -

(i) The enrollee was notified before the time set for the hearing that the request for hearing might be dismissed without further notice for failure to appear; or

(ii) The enrollee did not appear at the time and place of hearing and does not contact the ALJ hearing office within 10 calendar days for non-expedited hearings and 2 calendar days for expedited hearings and provide good cause for not appearing; or

(iii) The ALJ sends a notice to the enrollee asking why the enrollee did not appear; and the enrollee does not respond within 10 calendar days for non-expedited hearings; the ALJ does not receive the enrollee's response within 2 calendar days for expedited hearings or the enrollee does not provide good cause for the failure to appear. For expedited hearings, an enrollee may submit his or her response orally to the ALJ.

(iv) In determining whether good cause exists under paragraph (a)(2) of this section, the ALJ considers any physical, mental, educational, or linguistic limitations (including any lack of facility with the English language) the enrollee may have.

(3) The person requesting a hearing has no right to it under § 423.2002.

(4) The enrollee did not request a hearing within the stated time period and the ALJ has not found good cause for extending the deadline, as provided in § 423.2014(d).

(5) The enrollee died while the request for hearing is pending and the request for hearing was filed by the enrollee or the enrollee's representative, and the enrollee's surviving spouse or estate has no remaining financial interest in the case and the enrollee's representative, if any, does not want to continue the appeal.

(6) The ALJ dismisses a hearing request entirely or refuses to consider any one or more of the issues because an IRE, an ALJ or the MAC has made a previous determination or decision under this subpart about the enrollee's rights on the same facts and on the same issue(s), and this previous determination or decision has become binding by either administrative or judicial action.

(7) The enrollee abandons the request for hearing. An ALJ may conclude that an enrollee has abandoned a request for hearing when the ALJ hearing office attempts to schedule a hearing and is unable to contact the enrollee after making reasonable efforts to do so.

(8) Consistent with § 423.1972(c)(1), the ALJ dismisses a hearing request if a request clearly shows that the amount in controversy is less than that required under § 423.1970.

(b)Notice of dismissal. The ALJ mails a written notice of the dismissal of the hearing request to the enrollee at his or her last known address. The written notice provides that there is a right to request that the MAC vacate the dismissal action.

(c)Discontinuation of a hearing. Consistent with § 423.1972(c)(2), the ALJ discontinues a hearing and does not rule on the substantive issues raised in the appeal if, after a hearing is initiated, the ALJ finds that the amount in controversy is less than the amount required under § 423.1970.

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