42 CFR § 423.2112 - Content of request for review.

§ 423.2112 Content of request for review.


(1) The request for Council review must be filed with the entity specified in the notice of the ALJ's or attorney adjudicator's action.

(2) The request for review must be in writing and may be made on a standard form, except for requests for expedited reviews which may be made orally.

(3) The Council must document all oral requests in writing and maintain the documentation in the case file.

(4) A written request that is not made on a standard form or, for expedited requests, an oral request, is accepted if it includes the enrollee's name and telephone number, the plan name; Medicare number; the ALJ appeal number; the specific Part D drug(s) for which the review is requested; a statement that the enrollee is requesting an expedited review, if applicable; and the name of the enrollee or the representative of the enrollee.

(b) The request for review must identify the parts of the ALJ or attorney adjudicator action with which the enrollee requesting review disagrees and explain why he or she disagrees with the ALJ's or attorney adjudicator's decision, dismissal, or other determination being appealed.

(c) The Council will limit its review of an ALJ's or attorney adjudicator's actions to those exceptions raised by the enrollee in the request for review, unless the enrollee is unrepresented. For purposes of this section only, a representative is either anyone with a valid appointment as the enrollee's representative or is a member of the enrollee's family, a legal guardian or an individual who routinely acts on behalf of the enrollee, such as a family member or friend who has a power of attorney.

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