42 CFR § 423.502 - Application requirements.

§ 423.502 Application requirements.

(a) Scope. This section sets forth application requirements for an entity that seeks a determination from CMS that it is qualified to contract as a sponsor of a Part D plan.

(b) Completion of a notice of intent to apply.

(1) An organization submitting an application under this section for a particular contract year must first submit a completed Notice of Intent to Apply by the date established by CMS. CMS will not accept applications from organizations that do not submit a timely Notice of Intent to Apply.

(2) Submitting a Notice of Intent to Apply does not bind that organization to submit an application for the applicable contract year.

(3) An organization's decision not to submit an application after submitting an Notice of Intent to Apply will not form the basis of any action taken against the organization by CMS.

(c) Completion of an application.

(1) In order to obtain a determination on whether it meets the requirements to become a Part D plan sponsor, an entity, or an individual authorized to act for the entity (the applicant), must fully complete all parts of a certified application in the form and manner required by CMS, including the following:

(i) Documentation of appropriate State licensure or State certification that the entity is able to offer health insurance or health benefits coverage that meets State-specified standards as specified in subpart I of this part; or

(ii) A Federal waiver as specified in subpart I of this part.

(2) The authorized individual must describe thoroughly how the entity is qualified to meet the all requirements described in this part.

(d) Responsibility for making determinations.

(1) CMS is responsible for determining whether an entity is qualified to contract as a Part D plan sponsor and meets the requirements of this part.

(2) A CMS determination that an entity is qualified to act as a Part D plan sponsor is distinct from the bid negotiations that occur under subpart F of part 423 and such negotiations are not subject to the appeals provisions included in subpart N of this part.

(e) Disclosure of application information under the Freedom of Information Act. An applicant submitting material that he or she believes is protected from disclosure under 5 USC 552, the Freedom of Information Act, or because of exemptions provided in 45 CFR part 5 (the Department's regulations providing exemptions to disclosure), must label the material “privileged” and include an explanation of the applicability of an exemption specified in 45 CFR part 5.

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