42 CFR § 423.752 - Basis for imposing intermediate sanctions and civil money penalties.

§ 423.752 Basis for imposing intermediate sanctions and civil money penalties.

(a) All intermediate sanctions. For the violations listed in this paragraph (a), CMS may impose one or more of the sanctions specified in § 423.750(a) of this subpart on any Part D plan sponsor with a contract. The Part D plan sponsor may also be subject to other remedies authorized under law.

(1) Fails substantially to provide medically necessary items and services that are required (under law or under the contract) to be provided to an individual covered under the contract, if the failure has adversely affected (or has the substantial likelihood of adversely affecting) the individual.

(2) Imposes on Part D plan enrollees premiums in excess of the monthly basic and supplemental beneficiary premiums permitted under section 1860D-1 et seq. of the Act and subpart F of this part.

(3) Acts to expel or refuses to re-enroll a beneficiary in violation of the provisions of this part.

(4) Engages in any practice that would reasonably be expected to have the effect of denying or discouraging enrollment (except as permitted by this part) by eligible individuals with the organization whose medical condition or history indicates a need for substantial future medical services.

(5) Misrepresents or falsifies information that it furnishes -

(i) To CMS; or

(ii) To an individual or to any other entity under the Part D drug benefit program.

(6) Employs or contracts with an individual or entity who is excluded from participation in Medicare under section 1128 or 1128A of the Act (or with an entity that employs or contracts with an excluded individual or entity) for the provision of any of the following:

(i) Health care.

(ii) Utilization review.

(iii) Medical social work.

(iv) Administrative services.

(7) Except as provided under § 423.34, enrolls an individual in any plan under this part without the prior consent of the individual or the designee of the individual.

(8) Transfers an individual enrolled under this part from one plan to another without the prior consent of the individual or the designee of the individual or solely for the purpose of earning a commission.

(9) Fails to comply with communication restrictions described in subpart V of this part or applicable implementing guidance.

(10) Employs or contracts with any individual, agent, provider, supplier or entity who engages in the conduct described in paragraphs (a)(1) through (9) of this section.

(b) Suspension of enrollment and communications. If CMS makes a determination that could lead to a contract termination under § 423.509(a), CMS may impose the intermediate sanctions at § 423.750(a)(1) and (3).

(c) Civil money penalties (1) CMS. In addition to, or in place of, any intermediate sanctions, CMS may impose civil money penalties in the amounts specified in either of the following:

(i) Section 423.760(b) for any of the determinations at § 423.509(a), except § 423.509(a)(4)(i).

(ii) Section 423.760(c) for any of the determinations in paragraph (a) of this section except § 422.752(a)(5) of this chapter.

(2) OIG. In addition to, or in place of any intermediate sanctions imposed by CMS, the OIG, in accordance with part 1003 of Chapter V of this title, may impose civil money penalties for the following:

(i) Violations listed at 423.752(a).

(ii) Determinations made pursuant to § 422.510(a)(4)(i) of this chapter.

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