42 CFR § 423.871 - Contract terms and conditions.

§ 423.871 Contract terms and conditions.

(a) General. Except as may be appropriate to carry out the requirements of this section, the terms and conditions of contracts with eligible fallback entities offering fallback prescription drug plans are the same as the terms and conditions of contracts at §§ 423.504 and 423.505 for Part D plans.

(b) Period of contract. A contract with a fallback entity for fallback service areas for a PDP region is in effect for a period of 3 years. However, a fallback prescription drug plan may be offered for any year within the contract period for a particular area only if the area is a fallback service area for that year.

(c) Entity not permitted to market or brand fallback prescription drug plans. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this part, an eligible fallback entity with a contract under this part may not engage in any marketing or branding of a fallback prescription drug plan.

(d) Performance measures. CMS issues guidance establishing performance measures for fallback prescription drug plans based on the following:

(1) Types of performance measures. Performance measures include at least measures for each of the following:

(i) Costs. The entity contains costs to the Medicare Prescription Drug Account and to Part D eligible individuals enrolled in a fallback prescription drug plan offered by the entity through mechanisms such as generic substitution and price discounts.

(ii) Quality programs. The entity provides the enrollees in its fallback prescription drug plan with quality programs that avoid adverse drug reactions, monitor for appropriate utilization, and reduce medical errors.

(iii) Customer service. The entity provides timely and accurate delivery of services and pharmacy and beneficiary support services.

(iv) Benefit administration and claims adjudication. The entity provides efficient and effective benefit administration and claims adjudication.

(2) Development of performance measures. CMS establishes detailed performance measures for use in evaluating fallback entity performance and determination of certain management fees based on criteria from historical performance, application of acceptable statistical measures of variation to fallback entity and PDP sponsor (other than fallback entities) experience nationwide during a base period, or changing program emphases or requirements.

(e) Payment terms. A contract approved with a fallback entity includes terms for payment for—

(1) The actual costs of covered Part D drugs provided to Part D eligible individuals enrolled in a fallback prescription drug plan offered by the entity; and

(2) Management fees that consist of administrative costs and return on investment and are tied to the performance measures established by CMS for the management, administration, and delivery of the benefits under the contract as provided under paragraph (d) of this section.

(f) Requirement for the submission of information. Each contract for a fallback prescription drug plan requires an eligible fallback entity offering a fallback prescription drug plan to provide CMS with the information CMS determines is necessary to carry out the payment provisions under subpart G or under this subpart, or as required by law. Information disclosed to determine Medicare payment or reimbursement to the fallback entity may be used by the officers, employees and contractors of the Department of Health and Human Services only for the purposes of, and to the extent necessary in, determining such payment or reimbursement. This restriction does not limit CMS or OIG authority to conduct audits and evaluations necessary to ensure accurate and correct payment and to otherwise oversee Medicare reimbursement

(g) Amendment to reflect changes in service area. The contract may be amended by CMS at any time as needed to reflect the exact regions or counties where the fallback plan are required to operate within the contracted service area(s).