42 CFR § 425.108 - Leadership and management.

§ 425.108 Leadership and management.

(a) An ACO must have a leadership and management structure that includes clinical and administrative systems that align with and support the goals of the Shared Savings Program and the aims of better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower growth in expenditures.

(b) The ACO's operations must be managed by an executive, officer, manager, general partner, or similar party whose appointment and removal are under the control of the ACO's governing body and whose leadership team has demonstrated the ability to influence or direct clinical practice to improve efficiency processes and outcomes.

(c) Clinical management and oversight must be managed by a senior-level medical director. The medical director must be all of the following:

(1) A board-certified physician.

(2) Licensed in a State in which the ACO operates.

(3) Physically present on a regular basis at any clinic, office or other location of the ACO, an ACO participant, or an ACO provider/supplier.

(d) Each ACO participant and each ACO provider/supplier must demonstrate a meaningful commitment to the mission of the ACO to ensure the ACO's likely success.

(1) Meaningful commitment may include, for example, a sufficient financial or human investment (for example, time and effort) in the ongoing operations of the ACO such that the potential loss or recoupment of the investment is likely to motivate the ACO participant and ACO provider/supplier to achieve the ACO's mission under the Shared Savings Program.

(2) A meaningful commitment can be shown when an ACO participant or ACO provider/supplier agrees to comply with and implement the ACO's processes required by § 425.112 and is held accountable for meeting the ACO's performance standards for each required process.

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