42 CFR § 425.802 - Request for review.

§ 425.802 Request for review.

(a) An ACO may appeal an initial determination that is not prohibited from administrative or judicial review under § 425.800 by requesting a reconsideration review by a CMS reconsideration official.

(1) An ACO that wants to request reconsideration review by a CMS reconsideration official must submit a written request by an authorized official for receipt by CMS within 15 days of the notice of the initial determination.

(i) If the 15th day is a weekend or a Federal holiday, then the timeframe is extended until the end of the next business day.

(ii) Failure to submit a request for reconsideration within 15 days will result in denial of the request for reconsideration.

(2) The reconsideration review must be held on the record (review of submitted documentation).

(b) An ACO that requests a reconsideration review for termination will remain operational throughout the review process.

[76 FR 67973, Nov. 2, 2011, as amended at 80 FR 32845, June 9, 2015]