42 CFR 426.444 - Dismissals for cause.

§ 426.444 Dismissals for cause.

(a) The ALJ may, at the request of any party, or on his or her own motion, dismiss a complaint if the aggrieved party fails to do either of the following:

(1) Attend or participate in a prehearing conference (the pre-hearing may be conducted by telephone) or hearing without good cause shown.

(2) Comply with a lawful order of the ALJ without good cause shown.

(b) The ALJ must dismiss any complaint concerning LCD provision(s) if the following conditions exist:

(1) The ALJ does not have the authority to rule on that provision under § 426.405(d).

(2) The complaint is not timely. (See § 426.400(b).)

(3) The complaint is not filed by an aggrieved party.

(4) The complaint is filed by an individual who fails to provide an adequate statement of need for the service from the treating physician.

(5) The complaint challenges a provision or provisions of an NCD. (See § 426.405, regarding the authority of the ALJ.)

(6) The contractor notifies the ALJ that the LCD provision(s) is (are) no longer in effect.

(7) The aggrieved party withdraws the complaint. (See § 426.423 for requirements related to withdrawing a complaint regarding an LCD under review.)

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