42 CFR 426.513 - Participation as amicus curiae.

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§ 426.513 Participation as amicus curiae.

(a) Petition for participation. Any person or organization that wishes to participate as amicus curiae must timely file with the Board a petition that concisely states -

(1) The petitioner's interest in the hearing;

(2) Who will represent the petitioner; and

(3) The issues on which the petitioner intends to present argument.

(b) The nature of the proposed amicus participation. An amicus curiae is not a party to the hearing but may participate by -

(1) Submitting a written statement of position to the Board before the beginning of the hearing;

(2) Presenting a brief oral statement or other evidence at the hearing, at the point in the proceedings specified by the Board; and

(3) Submitting a brief or a written statement when the parties submit briefs.

(c) Service by amicus curiae. Serving copies of any briefs or written statements on all parties.