42 CFR § 430.3 - Appeals under Medicaid.

§ 430.3 Appeals under Medicaid.

Three distinct types of disputes may arise under Medicaid.

(a) Compliance with Federal requirements. Disputes that pertain to whether a State's plan or proposed plan amendments, or its practice under the plan meet or continue to meet Federal requirements are subject to the hearing provisions of subpart D of this part.

(b) FFP in Medicaid expenditures. Disputes that pertain to disallowances of FFP in Medicaid expenditures (mandatory grants) are heard by the Departmental Appeals Board (the Board) in accordance with procedures set forth in 45 CFR part 16.

(c) Discretionary grants disputes. Disputes pertaining to discretionary grants, such as grants for special demonstration projects under sections 1110 and 1115 of the Act, which may be awarded to a Medicaid agency, are also heard by the Board. 45 CFR part 16, appendix A, lists all the types of disputes that the Board hears.

[53 FR 36571, Sept. 21, 1988, as amended at 56 FR 8845, Mar. 1, 1991]

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