42 CFR § 431.20 - Advance directives.

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§ 431.20 Advance directives.

(a) Basis and purpose. This section, based on section 1902(a) (57) and (58) of the Act, prescribes State plan requirements for the development and distribution of a written description of State law concerning advance directives.

(b) A State Plan must provide that the State, acting through a State agency, association, or other private nonprofit entity, develop a written description of the State law (whether statutory or as recognized by the courts of the State) concerning advance directives, as defined in § 489.100 of this chapter, to be distributed by Medicaid providers and health maintenance organizations (as specified in section 1903(m)(1)(A) of the Act) in accordance with the requirements under part 489, subpart I of this chapter. Revisions to the written descriptions as a result of changes in State law must be incorporated in such descriptions and distributed as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days from the effective date of the change in State law, to Medicaid providers and health maintenance organizations.

[57 FR 8202, Mar. 6, 1992, as amended at 60 FR 33293, June 27, 1995]