42 CFR § 438.350 - External quality review.

Each State that contracts with MCOs, PIHPs, or PAHPs, or with PCCM entities (described in § 438.310(c)(2)) must ensure that -

(a) Except as provided in § 438.362, a qualified EQRO performs an annual EQR for each such contracting MCO, PIHP, PAHP or PCCM entity (described in § 438.310(c)(2)).

(b) The EQRO has sufficient information to use in performing the review.

(c) The information used to carry out the review must be obtained from the EQR-related activities described in § 438.358 or, if applicable, from a Medicare or private accreditation review as described in § 438.360.

(d) For each EQR-related activity, the information gathered for use in the EQR must include the elements described in § 438.364(a)(2)(i) through (iv).

(e) The information provided to the EQRO in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section is obtained through methods consistent with the protocols established by the Secretary in accordance with § 438.352.

(f) The results of the reviews are made available as specified in § 438.364.

[81 FR 27853, May 6, 2016, as amended at 82 FR 39, Jan. 3, 2017]

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