42 CFR § 441.22 - Nurse practitioner services.

§ 441.22 Nurse practitioner services.

With respect to nurse practitioner services that meet the definition of § 440.166(a) and the requirements of either § 440.166(b) or § 440.166(c), the State plan must meet the following requirements:

(a) Provide that nurse practitioner services are furnished to the categorically needy.

(b) Specify whether those services are furnished to the medically needy.

(c) Provide that services furnished by a nurse practitioner, regardless of whether the nurse practitioner is under the supervision of, or associated with, a physician or other health care provider, may—

(1) Be reimbursed by the State Medicaid agency through an independent provider agreement between the State and the nurse practitioner; or

(2) Be paid through the employing provider.

[60 FR 19862, Apr. 21, 1995]