42 CFR § 447.46 - Timely claims payment by MCOs.

§ 447.46 Timely claims payment by MCOs.

(a) Basis and scope. This section implements section 1932(f) of the Act by specifying the rules and exceptions for prompt payment of claims by MCOs.

(b) Definitions. “Claim” and “clean claim” have the meaning given those terms in § 447.45.

(c) Contract requirements -

(1) Basic rule. A contract with an MCO must provide that the organization will meet the requirements of § 447.45(d)(2) and (d)(3), and abide by the specifications of § 447.45(d)(5) and (d)(6).

(2) Exception. The MCO and its providers may, by mutual agreement, establish an alternative payment schedule.

(3) Alternative schedule. Any alternative schedule must be stipulated in the contract.

[67 FR 41115, June 14, 2002]