42 CFR § 455.232 - Medicaid integrity audit program contractor functions.

§ 455.232 Medicaid integrity audit program contractor functions.

The contract between CMS and a Medicaid integrity audit program contractor specifies the functions the contractor will perform. The contract may include any or all of the following functions:

(a) Review of the actions of individuals or entities furnishing items or services (whether on a fee-for-service, risk, or other basis) for which payment may be made under a State Plan approved under title XIX of the Act (or under any waiver of such plan approved under section 1115 of the Act) to determine whether fraud, waste, or abuse has occurred, is likely to occur, or whether such actions have the potential for resulting in an expenditure of funds under title XIX in a manner which is not intended under the provisions of title XIX.

(b) Auditing of claims for payment for items or services furnished, or administrative services rendered, under a State Plan under title XIX to ensure proper payments were made. This includes: cost reports, consulting contracts, and risk contracts under section 1903(m) of the Act.

(c) Identifying if overpayments have been made to individuals or entities receiving Federal funds under title XIX.

(d) Educating providers of service, managed care entities, beneficiaries, and other individuals with respect to payment integrity and quality of care.

[73 FR 55771, Sept. 26, 2008]

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