42 CFR § 460.154 - Enrollment agreement.

§ 460.154 Enrollment agreement.

If the potential participant meets the eligibility requirements and wants to enroll, he or she must sign an enrollment agreement which contains, at a minimum, the following information:

(a) Applicant's name, sex, and date of birth.

(b) Medicare beneficiary status (Part A, Part B, or both) and number, if applicable.

(c) Medicaid beneficiary status and number, if applicable.

(d) Other health insurance information, if applicable.

(e) Conditions for enrollment and disenrollment in PACE.

(f) Description of participant premiums, if any, and procedures for payment of premiums.

(g) Notification that a Medicaid participant and a participant who is eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid are not liable for any premiums, but may be liable for any applicable spenddown liability under §§ 435.121 and 435.831 of this chapter and any amounts due under the post-eligibility treatment of income process under § 460.184.

(h) Notification that a Medicare participant may not enroll or disenroll at a Social Security office.

(i) Notification that enrollment in PACE results in disenrollment from any other Medicare or Medicaid prepayment plan or optional benefit. Electing enrollment in any other Medicare or Medicaid prepayment plan or optional benefit, including the hospice benefit, after enrolling as a PACE participant is considered a voluntary disenrollment from PACE. If a Medicaid-only or private pay participant becomes eligible for Medicare after enrollment in PACE, the participant will be disenrolled from PACE if he or she elects to obtain Medicare coverage other than from the participant's PACE organization.

(j) Information on the consequences of subsequent enrollment in other optional Medicare or Medicaid programs following disenrollment from PACE.

(k) Description of PACE services available, including all Medicare and Medicaid covered services, and how services are obtained from the PACE organization.

(l) Description of the procedures for obtaining emergency and urgently needed out-of-network services.

(m) The participant bill of rights.

(n) Information on the process for grievances and appeals and Medicare/Medicaid phone numbers for use in appeals.

(o) Notification of a participant's obligation to inform the PACE organization of a move or lengthy absence from the organization's service area.

(p) An acknowledgment by the applicant or representative that he or she understands the requirement that the PACE organization must be the applicant's sole service provider.

(q) A statement that the PACE organization has an agreement with CMS and the State administering agency that is subject to renewal on a periodic basis and, if the agreement is not renewed, the program will be terminated.

(r) The applicant's authorization for disclosure and exchange of personal information between CMS, its agents, the State administering agency, and the PACE organization.

(s) The effective date of enrollment.

(t) The signature of the applicant or his or her designated representative and the date.

[64 FR 66279, Nov. 24, 1999, as amended at 71 FR 71337, Dec. 8, 2006; 84 FR 25676, June 3, 2019]

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