42 CFR § 476.160 - General quality of care review procedures.

§ 476.160 General quality of care review procedures.

(a) Scope of the QIO review. A QIO may conduct a general quality of care review in accordance with section 1154(a)(1)(B) of the Act.

(1) A QIO may conduct general quality of care reviews based on -

(i) Concerns identified during the course of other QIO review activities;

(ii) Referrals from other sources, including but not limited to individuals, contractors, other Federal or State agencies; or

(iii) Analysis of data.

(2) The QIO's review will focus on all concerns identified by the QIO and/or identified by those who have referred or reported the concerns, with consideration being given to the episode of care related to the concerns.

(3) The QIO will use evidence-based standards of care to the maximum extent practicable. If no standard of care exists, the QIO must use available norms, best practices, and established guidelines to establish the standard that will be used in completing the review. The QIO's determination regarding the standard used is not subject to appeal.

(b) Medical information requests. Upon request by the QIO, a provider or practitioner must deliver all medical information requested within 14 calendar days of the request. A QIO is authorized to require the receipt of the medical information sooner if the QIO makes a preliminary determination that the review involves a potential gross and flagrant or substantial quality of care concern and circumstances warrant earlier receipt of the medical information. A practitioner's or provider's failure to comply with the request for medical information within the established timeframe may result in the QIO taking action in accordance with § 476.90.

(c) Initial determination. The QIO peer reviewer will complete the review and the practitioner and/or provider will be notified of the initial determination in writing within 10 calendar days of the receipt of all medical information.

[77 FR 68561, Nov. 15, 2012]